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Pictures: Clubhouse at Boyden

Completed in 2004, the clubhouse primarily serves as a library, archive, store, office, but above all, a marketing point for astronomy as hobby at Boyden Observatory. Official opening took take place in 2005. For contributions in the form of books, furniture, material etc. - contact the committee.

Entrance to the clubhouse

Full view of the clubhouse from the observation platform

The pillars on which the roof used to slide. Though the roof still has the capability to slide, it has been fixed in order to protect the contents of the building.

Sunset at Boyden - in the past, near to the date when the clubhouse was donated to the Centre.

Inside - table and book rack. Poster on "SA Astronomy" visible to the left.

Inside - table, chairs, whiteboard, posters to the left.

Detailed star chart and Moon chart on the southern wall.

Moon chart, colour photos, posters.

Renovation - sealing the roof for protection againts rain.

Renovation - varnishing the new book racks on the observation platform outside the clubhouse. (Hannes & Pieter Pieterse and Phillip Coetzer standing)

Members Phillip Coetzer and Braam van Zyl inspecting one of the historic books in the clubhouse on the evening when the clubhouse was first introduced to the public.

View of the Observation platform to the north-east, 7 meters from the clubhouse, to be be used by amateur telescope operators during public and club events.

Southern view of Boyden from the roof of the clubhouse - the entrance pillars of Boyden visible through the bushes.

South-eastern view from the roof of the clubhouse, the 16 inch robotic telescope's building in the foreground and the auditorium visible at the back.

Free State fields - view of the clear blue skies and Free State horizon from the roof of the clubhouse.

The path leading to the clubhouse entrance, photo taken from the door.

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