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On this page you will find articles from age-old newspapers and magazines, journals and handbooks, concerning the Lamont-Hussey Observatory.
Only a selected amount of articles have been digitized so far, more will be added as time goes by.

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List of articles relating to the Lamont-Hussey Observatory in our possession


1) 13 July 1926 - The Friend:


City's Aquisition

To be shipped in August

The decision that the Lamont telescope will definitely come to Bloemfontein is the enumeration of months of negotiations between the Town Council and the University of Michigan , United States of America. It will be remembered that with a view to finding a suitable spot at which to locate a telescope for work in the southern hemisphere, particularly with regard to double stars, Professor W. J. Hussey, of Detroit Observatory, Michigan, visited Bloemfontein and carried out experiments with a 10-inch instrument on Naval Hill. He was granted every assistance by the Municipality as it was felt that the erection of such an observatory as was proposed would be an asset to the town. The professor found Bloemfontein most suitable for the project and reported favourably on the matter to the
University authorities. As a result the handsome telescope presented by Mr. R. P. Lamont, of Chicago, for the purpose, is to be erected on Naval Hill.
In a letter to the Municipality in May Professor Hussey wrote that he expected the instrument would be shipped to South Africa in August. He would also then come to Bloemfontein and would most likely be accompanied by two or three others, perhaps two astronomers and an
instrument-maker. They would then proceed to erect the observatory and install the 27-inch telescope.

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2) 7 May 1927 - The Friend


Bloemfontein Best Site for an Observatory

Expert Opinion

Before delivering an interesting address on ?Our Star, the Sun? to the members of the Free State Association
for the Advancement of Science, in the Museum Hall last night, Professor Rossiter, who will be in charge of the Lamont Observatory , which is to be erected on Naval Hill, spoke of the ideal weather conditions for an observatory. He said that the Harvard University were also coming out, and that their
shipment of instruments had been addressed to Bloemfontein. It was expected to arrive in July. The chief observer was also on his way out and was at present in Europe. Acting for the Harvard University he (the Speaker) had looked around Bloemfontein for a site, and had also visited Kimberley. The fact of the consignment of the instruments to Bloemfontein had aroused a feeling of pessimism in Kimberley, and the authorities there had already inquired whether the final choice of a site could not be left open. TESTS TO BE MADE. However, the observer, upon arrival, would engage in the necessary tests, and some time would probably
elapsed before any decision was arrived at. Professor Rossiter said that he had not been impressed with Kimberley, nor did he care for Johannesburg.
Personally he liked Naval Hill. As a city to live in he favoured Johannesburg, but from the standpoint of astronomy Bloemfontein was undoubtedly the best position.

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