Pictures of Boyden Observatory

60-inch Boyden-UFS reflector (dome)

Exquisite views surround the Boyden hill.

60 inch dome
60 dome night

60-inch Boyden-UFS reflector (telescope)

Used for professional research in international collaborative projects.

60 inch telescope day
60 inch night time

16-inch Watcher Robotic reflector

Owned by the University Dublin, used primarily for rapid gamma-ray burst follow up. Fully robotic, no human operator required on site.

Watcher Robotic
Watcher with background

13-inch Alvin Clark Refractor

The powerful 13 inch, now primarily used for educational purposes, but also advanced amateur astronomy (deep sky and astrophotography). History dates back to 1889.

13 inch day
13 inch night

10-inch Metcalf Triplet refractor

The historic and cherished Metcalf Triplet did extensive professional photographic research in its youth, especially late 1890's and early 1900's.

10 inch Metcalf close-up
10 inch Metcalf

The Main Building and Library

The main building (old offices) and library from the outside (left) and part of the library from the inside (right).

Main Building outside
Library inside

The Stellar Auditorium

The new state-of-the-art stellar auditorium recently completed, 100 seats inside and 200 outside, the latter for open air sky shows.

Auditorium Day
Auditorium Night

Other telescope buildings

The building of the 16 inch Nishimura to the left (telescope currently not operational) and to the right a night shot of one of the three smaller telescope buildings to the south of the hill.

16 inch Nishimura
Other telescope buildings

Views of the Boyden complex

Aerial view of Boyden to the left - large file (credit: Juan Olivier). View from the Cellphone tower at the right (Daan Notnagel).

Aerial view of Boyden
Boyden from Cell tower

Vantage point views

Left: The Modderriver and Thaba Nchu mountain to the east, from the Boyden Auditorium. Right: south-east view.

River from Boyden
East view from Boyden

Vantage point views continued..

Left: Maselspoort vacation resort from the observation platform. Right: True Free State sunset from Boyden.

Maselspoort from Boyden
Sunset from Boyden

Special angles

Left: The dome of the 60 inch from the east. Right: The main building through the doors of the 13 inch's building.

Boyden Sunset modified
Main building from 13 inch

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