2008 ASSA Bloemfontein Centre Archives

Meetings and events during the year

28 January 2008, Monday, Course for Beginners, Eunice Primary School (Part1), evening
Presented by Gerrit Penning and Mia Zeelie for 38 people, an introductory session to astronomy.

4 February 2008, Monday, Course for Beginners, Eunice Primary School (Part2), evening
Presented by Gerrit Penning, Jacques van Delft and Mia Zeelie for about 35 people, an introductory session to astronomy.

8 March 2008, Saturday, Astro Expo, Eunice Primary School, afternoon and evening
A big event (Astronomy Expo) organized by the club in association with Eunice Primary School, attended by several exhibitors such as Boyden Observatory, James Ross and his ATM class, Radio league, Eunice's Astro Quiz team etc. Presentations were given, activities for children took place outside together with water rocket launching. During the evening there was observations of the planets and stars through mobile telescopes.

26 April 2008, Saturday, Club Deep Sky Observation Evening, Boyden Observatory
On the observation platform.

31 May 2008, Saturday, Club Quarterly Meeting, Boyden Observatory, evening
The meeting saw a visit by ASSA's president, Magda Streicher, who delivered a talk on her astronomy activities and her observatory. Braam van Zyl thereafter gave a talk on Space Navigation. The evening was also attended by members of the Friends of Boyden. There was about 35 people.

11 July 2008, Friday, Deep sky Evening, Wilgehof, Bloemfontein

4 members attended the evening at Gerrit Penning's home.

6 August 2008, Wednesday, Club Annual General Meeting, Dept of Physics, UFS
Attended by 9 members. Gerrit Penning presented a talk entitled "Science Fiction Highlights". New committee for 2008/2009:
Chairman: Mia Zeelie
Vice-chairman: Jacques van Delft
Secretary: Gerrit Penning
Treasurer: Pat van Heerden
Members: Thinus van der Merwe, Phillip Coetzer, Hannes Pieterse

7 to 8 August 2008, Durban, ASSA Symposium
Attended by two members of the Society in Durban. Hosted by ASSA Durban and Natal Midlands Centre. Refer to MNASSA for write-up.

27 September 2008, Club Deep Sky Evening, Boyden Observatory
Observation platform, attended by several members and guests.

22 November 2008, Year-end of Club and Friends of Boyden at Boyden Observatory
'n Bring and Braai was held late afternoon, followed by talks presented by Mia Zeelie and Prof. Matie Hoffman about IYA2009.

Other events:

7 February 2008, Club committee meeting at Waterfront (Traumerei)
11 April 2008, Boyden evening presented by ASSA Bloem for the Radio League's national conference in Bloemfontein.

4 July 2008, astronomy show for the public on a farm outside Ventersburg, presented by Mia Zeelie and Gerrit Penning (90 people)
3 to 6 October 2008, Visit by Patrick Seitzer (University of Michigan) to Bloemfontein together with his wife.