1966 - ASSA Bloemfontein Centre

5 Mei 1966, Vrystaatklub in Charlestraat, om 8nm.
Die Voorstitter het weereens beklemtoon dat ons 'n vaste werkprogram moet hê. Daar is besluit om Donderdae byeen te kom en 'n rooster vir die res van die jaar is vasgestel. Die Voorsitter het aan die hand gedoen dat ons 'n 10 duim Cassegranian teleskoop moet aanskaf en Dr. Holden verlof moet vra om dit by die Sterrewag op Naval Hill te instaleer. Mnr. Walker het daarna gesê dat hy films i.v.m. sterrekunde van Johannesburg kan kry.

26 Mei 1966, Mooihoek Sterrewag, om 8 nm.
Die Voorsitter berig dat Dr. Holden van Laymont Hussey Sterrewag op Naval Hill ons nie hierdie jaar tegemoet kan kom nie, en beveel aan dat ons Dr. C.B. Van Wyk moet nader vir 'n perseel op die Unuversiteits gronde. Mnr. Erasmus voel egter dat die perseel van die Sterrewag op Naval Hill beter geleë is. Hy het daarna voorgestel dat 'n komitee afgevaardig word om met Dr. Holden te gaan beraadslag. Die lede van die komitee sal wees Mnr. P. Erasmus, N.Lincoln en G.N. Walker. Observasies.

June 23rd, 1966, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.
The committee for acquiring space at Laymont Hussey Observatory site met Dr. Holden, who thought it impractical to lend us the small outer building for a short period. The owner i.e. the Michigan University would not allow this. Mr. Walker and Mr. Lincoln afterward conversed with the owner of our Mooihoek Observatory site for the erecting 4 posts, being 30 feet from centre lining and 20 feet to next line. Permission to do so was granted by Miss. Goodrick. She was duly thanked by Mr. Lincoln. The further erecting of the posts were discussed and the chairman Mr. Erasmus remarked that these posts were ideal for photographic observations.
The Hon. Treasurer Mr. Lincoln told the meeting there was a balance of R8,49½ to our credit. A special meeting will be held on Friday next at 5.30 pm for observing Mercury with as many as possible telescopes.

July 27th, 1966, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.
8th Annual General Meeting. The following office-bearers were elected for the current year:
Chairman Mr. Mr. J. J. Mahaffey
Hon. Secretary Mr. N. Lincoln
Hon. Treasurer Mr. P. Keuris
Committee Mr. G. N. Walker
Representative on the Council Mr. N. Lincoln.
Balance: R8,49½.
A suggestion was made that it would be interesting if contact could be made with other centres, with a view to meetings between members of centres. As Johannesburg Centre is our nearest neighbour the Hon. Secretary was instructed to approach the Hon. secretary of that centre on the matter. There followed a discussion as to the future activities of the centre. The Hon. Secretary pointed out that the search for novae was a very easy, and at the same time useful, task, and that the Novae Search Director would no doubt welcome contributions. It was agreed that at each meeting a study should be made of some particular constellations, and that Scorpio, now well overhead, should be chosen for the next meeting.

August 18th, 1966, Lamount-Hussey Observatory, at 8pm.
Prof. Holden addressed the meeting briefly on two events to be looked for in the near future. First, the total eclipse of the sun on November 12th, of which only the partial phases will be visible in South Africa. And the second, the coming passage of the earth through the plane of the rings of Saturn, in this connection he invited members of the centre to the Lamount-Hussey Observatory on October 31st - to view the planet.
Members were given an opportunity of observing through the 27 inch telescope. The first object selected was Antares, although the star was high overhead its components were only separated with difficulty. Other objects viewed were the "Saturn Nebula", NGC 7009, in Aquarius, and Saturn. The meeting closed with an expression of thanks to Professor Holden.

September 15th, 1966, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.
It has been the intention to study the constellation of Scorpio at this meeting but high wind made observation with the telescope impossible. The meeting was spent in general discussion, with a short break to observe the Zodiacal Light.

October 13th, 1966, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.
Mr. Walker described the interesting visit which he and Mr. Harrison (accompanied by Messrs E. Abrams and A. Andrews) had to the Transvaal centre on 24th and 25th September, and said that he had sent a letter of thanks to the Chairman of that centre. The Hon. Secretary said that he had also sent his thanks to the Hon. Secretary of that centre.
The 3½ inch telescope was not available for use, as it had been dismantled to the equatorial mount. However a fairly clear sky permitted naked-eye observation of Scorpio, the constellation selected for study at this meeting. It was decided that the constellation of Sagittarius should be studied at the next meeting.

November 10th, 1966, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.
With reference to a letter dated August 15th, received from the Pretoria Centre, the Hon. Secretary was instructed to reply that this centre's facilities were limited but that we should be glad to collaborate with them in observational work within our capacity. Conditions were not suitable for observing and the proceedings consisted chiefly of general discussion. It was decided that the constellations of Pegasus and Andromeda should be studied at the next meeting.

December 8th, 1966, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.
Observing conditions were excellent. The 3½ inch telescope is now correctly adjusted with reference to the South Pole and has a slow-motion hand-drive in R.A. It was decided that the constellation of Taurus and the surrounding region should be studied at the next meeting.