1965 - ASSA Bloemfontein Centre

January 28th, 1965, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
The Secretary reported on the telescope loaned by the university, saying that he was disappointed at the definition and invited members and visitors to examine the instrument at his home over a weekend. Saturday afternoon of the 6th February was decided upon. The remainder of the evening was given to general discussion as the sky was not clear for observations.

March 5th, 1965, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
The secretary reported that he had been unable to obtain a clear image and had brought the telescope to the meeting in order that the members could examine the instrument and find a possible solution to the optical problem. It was reported that Mr. Erasmus was making great progress with his new telescope and it was hoped that members would soon be privileged to examine and make an observation with this interesting instrument. This was followed by a short discussion on Astronomical matters in general and observations.

March 28th, 1965, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
The Chairman expressed the feeling that the group lacked a programme and felt that he himself was to tied up to devote sufficient time to such a project, but hoped that the members would think over the possibility of electing a new chairman at the forthcoming A.G.M. who would be able to implement a programme. Mr. Erasmus suggested that a certain area of the sky be prepared for each meeting and that one member deliver a lecture on that area, at the next meeting. Members to take it in turn to lecture. This suggestion was accepted by all and it was proposed that the constellation of Leo, Crater and Corvus be prepared for the next meeting. (Maps 9&10). Suggestions was made on the studying the moon and the making of a illuminated sky-chart. Observing.

June 25th, 1965, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
Mr. Walker demonstrated his illuminated sky-chart holder. The idea was most ingenious and members were greatly impressed. The question of the university telescope was again raised and Mr. Erasmus stated that he felt that a lot of the trouble lay in the objective which we had had cleaned. It was suggested that the object be returned to Messrs. General Optics with the request that the lens components be separated. Mr. Mahaffey undertook to have this done. Observing.

July 28th, 1965, Lamount-Hussey Observatory, at 8pm.
7th Annual General Meeting. The Chairman welcome all, especially Dr. Holden and Professor Van Wyk. The chairman's Report: The chairman recalled that all meetings over the last twelve months had been held at the Mooihoek Observatory and the were most grateful to Mr. Lincoln for having offered us the use of his observatory. He went on to report that all meetings had been very interesting, but he felt that a more constructive approach to our astronomy must be made in the forthcoming year. Mr. Lincoln reported the balance to be R20,12½. It was decided that as Dr. Holden keeps the centre informed on news from the British Astronomical Society, the subscription to the BAA Circulars could be stopped.
Election of Office Bearers:
Chairman Mr. Erasmus
Hon. Secretary Mr. P. Keuris
Hon. Treasurer Mr. N. Lincoln
Committee Mr. Maheffey and Mr. Walker
The University telescope was found to be bent at its mount. Mr. Mahaffey will try to rectify it. Mr. Lincoln advised that the report on the AGM should be sent to the Hon. Secr. ASSA at Observatory Cape.
Mr. Mahaffey commented that the centre was not doing enough. We should be more active at home. He proposed we should brake up in various sections, to try and expand the centre and raising money for material to make our own telescopes or buy suitable ones (not expensive). Mr. Lincoln offered his opinion upon a section of the centre concentrating on Nova-research work. The thought was also raised that Dr. Holden should canvas for members for our centre amongst visitors to Lamount-Hussey Observatory.
Mr. Walker stated that we must first have a definite aim as what we want to achieve, i.o.w. to organize ourselves before thinking of expanding. He put forward to canvas for some films on Astronomy and science. Mr. Mahaffey proposed an extra meeting for technical work, and Mr. Erasmus was willing to hold a lecture on telescope making at the residence of Mr. Mahaffey at 14 Gelderland Street at Aug. 13th. Before departing Dr. Holding was very cordingly thanked for having lend the Observatory to our Annual General Meeting this year.

August 27th, 1965, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.

October 22nd, 1965, Mooihoek Observatory at 8pm.
Mr. Rheeder asked about telescope making by members. Chairman Erasmus voted that the matter should stay over till next year. In Johannesburg telescope making kits were obtainable at R9,75 for 6 inch mirrors. The rest of the meeting given to observing and learning positions of constellations.

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