1964 - ASSA Bloemfontein Centre

February 14th, 1964, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
Searching and viewing

April 10th, 1964, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
The Secretary informed the meeting that he was shortly leaving Bloemfontein for a trip overseas and asked those present if the Centre would like to use Mooihoek Observatory in his absence and thereby carry on as usual. The members present gratefully accepted Mr. Lincoln's generous offer and Mr. Mahalley was appointed as acting Secretary in the absence of Mr. Lincoln. The key to the observatory was handed to the Chairman. The Records of the Centre was handed to the acting secretary. Observations.

May 14th, 1964, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
Handygas lighting was tried in the new chart room for the first time and proved to be more satisfactory than the previous lighting. Handygas heating was also available, but the evening was pleasantly warm, and the warm clothes worn, were more than sufficient, and the heater was not used. It was decided to buy a gas lamp, a table and chair for the chart room.
The Chairman addressed the meeting, explaining that he felt that the centre should have a definite work program. His suggestion was that each member should be equipped with a large Drawing Book, and at each meeting, the group should study a small section of the sky in Norton, then proceed to sketch the main stars in the Drawing Book, making notes of all the "Interesting objects" in the immediate vicinity.
This to be followed by an inspection of the sky itself in order to locate and identify the main stars, and when everyone was satisfied with their identification the area be searched with the telescope to locate the Nebulae and clusters in that area. The meeting gave this suggestion its anonymous support, and as the Chairman had anticipated this, he had already purchased the necessary Drawing Books, which were there upon issued and work began. A most interesting and profitable session followed, with members helping each other in the various sections of the work involved.
At the close of the meeting, the evenings work was again discussed and it was decided to carry on with the programme as suggested by the Chairman. In order to be better informed at the next meeting it was suggested that members do a little homework on the area of the sky to be studied next month. This meeting having been spent on the constellation Scorpius, it was decided to carry on next month with Crux and Traigulum Aus.

June 11th, 1964, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
The Chairman had a table made. The sky was overcast. This was very disappointing as a 3 inch reflector had been erected for examination and testing. The evening was spent on examining charts and discussion. Two members undertook to make and install a double black curtain between the chart room, and to have same operating for the next meeting.
The Acting Secretary reported that he had been in contact with Dr. Holden, who had very kindly offered to lend his own 4 inch refractor to the Centre. It was felt that the responsibility together with the small membership of the Centre did not warrent the use of Dr. Holden's telescope and a letter of thanks be sent to Dr. Holden. It was proposed to send Dr. Holden all notices of the Centre and if possible to arrange meetings that would suit Dr. Holden.

July 9th, 1964, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
The double black curtain made by Mrs. Mahalley, for use between the chart and observing rooms had been erected before the meeting and appeared to be a great success. The Acting Secretary informed the meeting that he had been in contact with Mr. Bondietti, Chairman of the telescope Making Section of the Cape Centre, in connection with information for making a reflector. Mr. Bondietti had ended his letter, with the request as a Counsil member, that this Centre forward our notices to the Counsel, as the Transvaal Centre was doing, thereby keeping the Counsel informed of our activities. Minutes of the Council meetings held on the 3rd and 24th June were read.
Mr. Mahalley reported that he had photographed the eclipse of the moon on the evening of June 24/25. The negatives appeared to be fair enough, but he had not as yet had time to produce any prints. Of interest was the fact that the temperature dropped to 22°F. Mr. Keuris presented the Centre with a copy of "stars of the Southern Heavens" for the Library and Elger's Map of the Moon, for use in the Chart room. The remainder of the evening was given over to observing Crux, Triangulum Aust., Circinus and Centaurus, and the interesting phenomena in their vicinity.

July 22nd,1964, 14 Gelderland Street, at 8pm.
6th Annual General Meeting. Minutes of previous A.G.M. were read and accepted. Election of Office Bearers:
Chairman Mr. G.N. Walker
Hon. Secretary Mr. Mahalley
& Treasurer Mr. N. Lincoln
Committee Dr. C.B. van Wyk, Mr. J.C. van Loggerenberg & Mr. P. Keuris
Centre's Representative on the Council Mr. N. Lincoln
Hon. Member Dr. F. Holden
The remainder of the evening was spent discussing matters of general interest.

August 7th, 1964, Mooihoek Observatory, at 8pm.
Mr. Lincoln suggested that a small curtain be placed over the window to the west. Mr. Mahalley undertook to see to this. During the latter part of the evening Mr. Bohlman returned to town and brought out an old telescope for the members to inspect. This telescope belonging to the University, is badly in need of repair, but could be made shipshape and would be of great help to the Centre. Mr. Bohlman undertook to approach the University, with a view to the Centre borrowing this instrument.

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